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Does Your Website Have a Heart ?

Absolutely ! My question to all you website owners is, Does your website have heart ?

I know you will say, what kind of a weird question is this ? But come on, think of it. Do you really feel good when you yourself visit your website, day after day --- everyday ? I bet, the answer is No.

If you yourself do not like your website, how can anyone expect that your prospective customers will like your website ? This is gross. Have you ever wondered why a majority of people/companies are not liking their websites. I can think of one & only reason "Your website lacks heart"

Now, you will say that a website is not a living being --- so the question of it lacking a heart does not arise at all. Well, but let's look at it this way ------------- what I mean by "website having a heart" is that the website designer should have put in 100% dedication & commitment towards the development of your website. The designer should have made your website as if it is his own website.

Usually, this does not happen -- for the simple reason that normally all web designers work & offer to work in tandem with the money being offered, so if the web designing contract is of less value than ofcourse he is not going to put in considerable time, energy, effort & creativity into it ----- the net result being a half baked website with a half cooked effort. He is also not going to think about the effective layout which is easiert to surf nor a thought will be spared for the colors being used ----- are the colors easy on eye, is it gaudy for the eyes etc.

Unlike other web designing companies, we provide creative web designing services to all our customers. We have a lead creative designer who personally looks into all projects and designs unique creative master piece for each of our clients. The lead designer does not have any information on the project value and hence his sole focus is on delivering the best web site, and the end result is a "Creative Website --- with a Heart"

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