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Web Designing guidelines from Google.

With billions of web sites around, each and everyone of them wants to rank at higher positions for their own keyword on google.com. Every next person you know seems to have their own knowledge base on how to acheive top rankings in google.

But, how do we know which information is correct and which is not. So, here it is the most authentic information on Web Promotion or Search Engine Optimization straight from the horse's mouth i.e. straight from Google itself.

There are two type of guidelines provided by google, to be followed ideally to get higher rankings in Google, they are

Design & Content Guidelines
Quality Guidelines.

Once your website is ready, take the following steps:

  1. Get a link from other relevant websites to your website.

  2. Submit your website to google

  3. Make a sitemap in XML format, and submit it to google. This helps google in finding the other pages on your website and discover the structure of your website. It will also help in increasing the number of pages to be avaliable for indexing.

  4. Inform all the relevant websites that you website is online.

  5. Your website should be submitted to other search engines as well as directories around the world like ODP, Yahoo, Google Directory etc. Also submit your website to relevant niche directories.

Designing & Content Guidelines

  1. Your website should be designed with a clear hierarchy of links. The links should be in text. Each page should be reachable from atleast one other link/page.

  2. Your website should offer a sitemap to the visitors of your website. A sitemap is the graphical representation of your website which will show the complete structure of your website. The sitemap should not be bigger than 100 links.

  3. Make your website which is rich in information and has the relevant content. Describe your products and services clearly and also include the keywords in the content.

  4. Think how will other users try to find your website. They are not going to search you by your name -- instead they will be trying to find you out by your products or services. So, include the name of your products and services in content that you develop for your website.

  5. Images enhance the attractiveness of your website --- but it does not give any content to search engines. So, try to use less of images, graphics etc. and more of text matter. For Eg.instead of using images to display links -- use text.

  6. Make full use of the various tags like TITLE, ALT, KEYWORD --- they should be descriptive and include your keywords.

  7. Use original content on your website. Do not copy the content from some other website and simply paste it. Google can discover duplicate content easily.

  8. Put only relevant content on your website. Do not be tempted to put all the content available with you on the website. Remember RELEVANT CONTENT is king.

  9. Make your website appear fresh. Make it a point to regularly maintain and update your website. Information, news and views about the company and industry on whole will help your website.

Quality Guidelines
It's OK to spend more on getting a quality website done rather than paying less and getting down market website which does not help your business. Get a professional web designer to design your website and ensure that the following quality guidelines are followed.

  1. Your website should be aimed at users and not search engines. Make websites that are useful for users. Do not think about search engines, if your website is useful and rich in information for users, the search engines will definetely come on their own to your website.

  2. Do not try to fool a search engines. Search engines work as per the scripting and programming -- which changes constantly. Hence, avoid any tricks which try to fool the search engines like creating doorway pages or search engine cloaking.

  3. Do not participate in link schemes. In particular avoid linking to bad neighbourhoods and spammers.

  4. Make sure none of your webpages have trojans or viruses.

  5. Host your website with a quality web host.

Web Design Temple, a webdesigningcompany located in India, designs website as per the design, technical and quality guidelines provided by various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista etc.

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