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Content is Important --- RELEVANT CONTENT is KING !

The importance of relevant content, which should be included on your website can't be stressed enough. Content is the only thing which will do things for your on your website and bring business for you. For instance, users will need information about your products, services and the industry and search engines will need content to populate their index for your website. However, it should be noted and very well kept in mind that you should not design websites for search engines, but it should be designed for users. If the website is useful for users, search engines, no doubt, will keep on cming back to your website.

Content is absolutely a very important factor which is directly responsible for the sucess of your website. It's a defining factor which gets the attention of your users and keeps them coming back for more. But, relevancy of the content is very important. If you just populate your website with irrelevant content, than it's not going to benefit, but the content that you put should be relevant to the keywords your website is targetting. Unless and until your content can hold the attention of the users of your website, the users will just vanish away from your website as quick as they come.

So, it is said Content is King, but I would say, Relevant Content is King ! And do make sure that your website designer develops original content. It is very important for website designers to understand the importance of relevant content. But how does anyone develop Relevant Content for the website. A valid question, I would say. Below mentioned are some points, if considered, will help you in developing relevant content for your website;

1. Understand the offering
Before developing relevant content, you need to understand what you are offereing. Is it a product or a service ? Is it a one time sale or does it have a repeat value ? What about the after sales service ?

2. Who is the target
For developing a relevant content, you need to know the product or service is meant for whom. Is it for businesses or consumers ? Is it for kids, adolescents or grown ups. Knowing the target audience will help in picking up the level of language in which you will develop the content.

3. Benefits vs. Features
Usually people confuse themselves with the information that features & benefits is the same thing after all. But thats not the case. Describe a product not by its features but by the benefits. If the visitors gets to know that he will be benefitted in a particular if they use your product, he will get interested and be on your site for a longer time which will increase the possibility of a sale. The visitor or user is not interested in how good your product is -- but he is interested on what will benefit him and how. So, describe the benefits and not features.

4. Be Relevant & Quick.
Each one has a purpose - but not everyone knows that. While this might hold true philosophically, but the visitors on your website very well their purpose - either they want information or they want to buy your product or subscribe to your services but they don't have much time. If your site takes lot of time to load or if your information or FAQ is not easily available than probbaly you can see the viistor heading staright out to your competitor.

So, while developing your website and selecting a suitable web design, make sure that the content you develop is presented to the visitor in the easiest way. Probably the first page or the first two paragraphs should ideally contain your message, and also your website should be quick loading. Do not load it with unnecessary graphics and host your website with a good and reliable web host.

5. Easy to read.
Relevant content is one thing, but putting it in a legible way on your website design is also important. Many web designer in an effort to be overtly creative use new fonts and colors for the content, which might not be supported by the visitors browser, and the net result would be that your content is not readable to the visitor and you lose out there. So, use standard fonts and color that go with the theme of your web design. Make sure that it is easily readable and good to follow.

6. Catch their interest.
Whatever your website might be selling or offering, its the job of the web designer that none of the visitors leave your website without understanding fully what you are saying. Your content should not be dead, it should be alive and nor should it seem over the top. Be honest, and provide the information which is true. Do not try to show what you are not. Honest and relevant content catches the fancy of website visitor and they get hooked to your website.

7. Make your content come alive
Your content should be alive, not dead. It should be speaking and interacting with the visitors. Develop your content, which will makle the visitors feel that you are personally talking to them. To ensure that your content communicates with the website visitors develop it on your own and refrain from copying the content from somewhere, after all it's, none other than you, who knows your business well.

If you follow the above steps, you will see a fantastic difference that your website will make for your business.

Web Design Temple, is a web designing company which is specialised in developing original and interactive content for your web design prohect. We also design websites that rank higher on search engines and bring more business for you.

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