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Web Designing --- fast loading websites

Whenever you visit any website, the first thing that will strike you is the speed at which it loads. It might load fast, slow or average. You are more likely to stay longer on a website which loads quickly and is easier to access.

The same thing happens when someone else visits your website, if your website loads fast, there are more chances that the visitor will stay for a longer time and surf more pages from your website. But, if your website is slow to load then the visitor might get frustrated and siply leave your website for other website.

Now, how do you assure that your web designer designs a professional website, which is good look, creative & visually appealing and yet which loads at a faster rate ? Well, here are some pointers which you should ask your website designer to follow while designing your website, so that the website is designed to load at a faster rate.

After your website is designed and uploaded on a server, check the loading speed of your website from different internet connections. Vary the connections to check based on different speeds and different ISP. This will give you a clear idea on the speed at which your website loads on different internet connections. If you feel that your website is taking a long time to load, consider redesigning your website, as that will greatly effect the number of viistors who will view your website.

1. Identify the audience
It's very neccesary to know who is the audience of your website. If the audience for your website is in rural areas or in some countries, where users still use modem to access the internet, than it will be a good idea to have a bare minimum website without graphics & flash, so as to ensure a faster loading time. But if your target audience is in developed countries or in urban areas than you can use graphics, flash and other multimedia effects - since most probably they would be having higher speed internet connection.

2. Contents of Index page
Index page is the first starting page of your website. Ideally the index page should contain the information about your company and information on your products and services. Make sure that you do not use excessive graphics or mltimdia effects on the index page, as that will slow down your website.

Reserve the multimedia effects or sounds to be put up in the inner pages. While this effects do look good and are a treat to hear & watch, but they will slow down your website and probably you will lose out on potential customers.

3. Web Hosting
Be careful, while selecting your web host. Make sure that the server on which your website is hosted is not cluttered with a lot of other websites, since if there are a lot of websites ---- there will be a lot of strain on the resources of server and it will slow down all the websites hosted on it, including yours and you do not want your website to load slow because of other people. Hence, do not go for a cheap web host, instead select a good web host, who might charge some more money but will give you a good service and better hosting experience.

Web Design Temple, a website designing company designs website which are creative and visually appealing and faster loading. For a reliable web hosting company, you can visit ramwebhosting.com

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