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Web Design for authors and writers

You will ask me, "I am a Author, a writer and not a business man. Why do I need a website when I javem't got to do anything with business ?" You have a perfectly valid question. But, let me inform you about the world of exciting opportunities that having a website designed will open up for your if you are an author of books.

I will list down the opportunities below;

1. If you have a website, you are bound to be taken seriously. It will reflect that not only you write books seriously but are also serious about marketing of the book to the whole world.

2. Having a website projecting your work, your books on your website will save you a lot of money on priting of promotional materials for your books. It can also save you money for approaching the publishers. Publishers around the world accept submissions of manuscript over the internet.

3. As a writer or an author, if you have a website, you will not be dependent on various magazines and newspapers to publish your articles, instead you will be having your website where you can publish all your articles, and let me tell you this won;t increase your cost a bit.

4. Having your own website, and your articles on it, will put you in the league of established writers. You can showcase your articles, your works and your views.

5. You can market your books from your website. You can also setup a payment gateway and possibly try to sell your books online.

6. If you are an author, and you develop your website make sure that you have the following pages like Home, About, Works, Articles, Books, Shopping Cart, Schedule, FAQ, Contacts. Also put in your complete contact details on the website.

7. Also note taht your website should have light colors, pleasing to the eye. It should have less to minimum graphics so that the web pages load faster. Also the font and font size should remain consistent on your website.

Web Design Temple, a web design company develops website which are specifically suited for authors and writers. The website is optimized, for authors, to rank higher in search engines.

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