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Web Design with good content

Getting a website designed with an aim to rank higher on search engines and getting business through it, is what every business dreams, but very few achieve. Every company wants to grow it's business by whatever means possible, and internet is one of those means, if utilised properly, can aid in growing your business beyond the geographical boundaries of countries.

When you put your web design online, it's your responsibility to monitor if the visitors to your website are getting what they are really looking out for on your website. If you give what you promise, reat ! nothing like it ! But, if you don't provide what you promise -- that will be considered as a breach of trust and waste of time.

Imagine, going to a website called webidentity.com, obviously presuming that they would be in the business of helping to create your identity on the web, and finding that they deal in security products. This will disillusion and disappoint you. So, the thumb rule is, provide the information what you claim to be providing through your website name, and then provide relevant content.

The importance of content on your website cannot be stressed enough. It is absolutely very important to have content on your website. Not just for search engines, but for the visitors as well. You cannot explain enough just by pictures, besides inserting more pictures will increase the size of the web page and hence will take pretty lot of time yo be downloaded, which might infuriate the potential customer and he might just leave your website.

As mentioned in previous articles, it is necessary to have a lot of content on your website, the ideal ratio of text content to images should be 80:20. That is 80% should be text content and 20% should be images and other multimedia. People will also mis guide you that your website should always have fresh content on the website, but having fresh content updated on the website while comprimising on relevancy of the content will even reflect badly on the relevant content that you already have on your website.

We believe, instead of having daily fresh content and jeopardize the relvancy of the content. It is much better to have relevant content updated on your website once in a week or lets say twice in a month. You should focus on developing a website which has relevant content or should we say good content.

These are some basic guidelines, on how to develop good content for your website;

1.Develop your website content on your own, do not blindly trust the web designer for this, as you never know, the web designer will simply copy the content from other websites. And as it is, nobody knows your business better than yourself.

2. Do not worry if you cannot write in flowery language, or literary language. Be profound, and reflect on yourself, what would you tell someone, if they are visiting your office and would like to know about your business. Just put that on the website.

3. Think how people would be looking out for you. Would they look out for you by your company name or your product name ? Correctly, they would look out for a product name, so focus your entire content and make it revolve around your product. Speak about your producst first and than about yourself.

4. Read industry magazines and other articles written by industry experts, this will you give you an edge in creating unique content for your website.

5. Refer a couple of your competitors website, see how they project themselves and then write your own copy.

6. Once your website is designed and launched, keep abreast of the industry news, and keep on posting your views about the same on your website. This will keep the visitors engaged and create a favourable impression of your company as the one which is upto date in information and hence can be trusted.

7. Hire a professional web designer to maintain your website and also probably hire a web content developer, who will develop genuine web content for your website.

Web Design Temple, a web designing company in India, is a competent web designer which designs creative web sites with relevant and good content for your websites.

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