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How important is design in web designing

As a web designing expert and the creative head of my company, I am always being asked the question, how important is design factor in web designing. Let me elaborate on this issue, what people to ask by this question is that basically website is meant for giving information about company, its products and services, than why do you need to give importance to the design factor. Just say what you have to say, and get done with it. Short and sweet, isn't it ?

It might be short, but it isn't sweet in any sense. Well, I answer different people in different ways. Below given are the broad based reason, on why the design factor is very important in web designing.

1. Design matters most
Let me give you a few examples, when you go out shopping for a party dress what do you select ? A nice dress with good designing & material or a dress which simply covers your body in a single color ?

When you buy a gift for someone, why do you pack it with a design/decorative paper ?

When you go to a book store, for which which books does hand reach out first ? A book with fantastic cover, isn't it ?

Now matter what anyone says, my friend, design does matter and it matters most.

2. Attract people.
My designing a website, you want to attract people and not repulse them. what do you think they will attracted to ? your content ? Forget it ! However your content maybe relevant or enchanting but it will only attract the visitors of catch their attention if your design is good.

3. Credibility
Your website is the vehicle which helps you define and showcase yourself on the web. Ofcourse yuo want to present your company, through your website as a credible one. Don't you think a good web design will help you get what you want, credibility that is.

4. First Impression.
Everyone says, First impression is the last impression. Why not make a fantastic first impression with a absolutely fantastic web design. After all, you want your first impression to be fantastic.

5. Less time
Nowadays people have very less time and more so on the internet. Some surveys suggest that if you fail to impress the visitor in the first 8 seconds, you have lost him. How do you think you will hold his attention and make him stay on your website for more time. Ofcourse, with good web design only.

Web Design Temple, designs creative websites that are a treat to watch and at the same time conveys the required information to your website visitor.

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