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Use the right color for your web design

Everyone has a website nowadays, and yes it's important too. Having a website has numerous benefits over not having a websites and besides having a website is not expensive anymore. Gone are the days when having a website was an indicator of propserity since it was expensive. Now, the web designs are not that expensive and everyone seems to getting one for themselves, however its not necessary that all the websites are good looking and a piece of art.

If observed minutely - a major percentage of the non attractive websites do have a potential of being an attractive one. But , as is apparent from many websites, they have lost out due to the colors they have used. Not selecting a right combination of colors on your website can be a disaster for your business.

Believe it or not, ther is something know as color psycology and even there is something like color therapy as well. You may agree to it or not, but people can be attracted to the website with the help of appropriate colors. who will disagree that the best combination of colors is black color on a white background, that's the most used and preferred one.

The colors that you use on your website can attract or repel a visitor from your website. You try hard to bring viistor to your website, but what if they leave your website the moment they visit. No good you will say ! So using the right color theme on a website is very important.

Consider the following tips on using colors on your websites;

1. Use natural colors
Consider using the colors found in nature. They are moe pleasing, attractive and soothing to the eye. Combine the colors and people will relate with your website instantly.

2. Create a contrast
Use contrasting color for the background of your website and the color of the text. As mentioned earlier, the most effective contrast is black colored ont white background. You can choose other dark colors as background of your website.

3. Avoid colors which hurt the eye
Do not use the colors which are a strain on the eye. Do not use colors which are excessively bright or flourescent colors. If its very important to use those colors than tone it down with the help of other shade colors.

4. Follow uniformity
It's a good option to keep the one color scheme on your complete website, so that it lands uniformity to your website. Most probably you can have about 5 to 6 colors in a color scheme to be used on the website.

5. One color - different shades
Use different shades of a single color and see the wonderous web design that you can create out of it.

6. Last, but not the least
People have an affinity to use the colors that they like on their web design. Do not do so. The website is not meant for you, it is meant for prospective clients. Identify and target your prospective customers and use the colors that will appeal to them.

Web Design Temple is a web designing company, which employs a color expert who offers a differnt color theme for every single website so that the web design is creative and visually appealing.

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