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Optimize your Web Design for Exports Business

If you are running and export business and catering to customers in different countries, then most probably you know the importance of having a website for your business. Your website is the most important tool which will help you in developing your identity and market your products and services in the international market.

All the exporters are aware of the glaring fact that internet or having a website can give a big boost to your exports business. But just having a website is not enough, you will need to promote the website so that propsctice buyers can find your website when they are looking out for products. Once they find your website, they will inquire with you.

Let us discuss some of the important things to be included or to be done to optimize your website for exports business, so that it gets more inquiries;

1. Complete Website
Your website design should be complete in all respects. The home page, about us page, products page, services page, contacts page should be completed in all respects.

2. Details, details details.
Be as specific as you can and provide the minutest of details that you can while providing the information on your products and services. Providing all the details will get 2 benefits, one the prospective customer will value you as a highly reliable source increasing your credibility and the content will food for search engines and probably help in ranking your website higher on search engines.

3. Search Engines
Register your website with all the major search engines around the world. Google, MSN and Yahoo are not the only search engines, they are more than 500 search engines around teh whole world. List your website in each one of them. Submitting a website to search engines is free and hence this will not cost you a dime. Also do not ignore the local search engines, every country has their own local search engines, so do register your website there as well.

4. Business Directories
List your website in some of the business directories, which are focused on your industry. There are many directories around and a couple of them are free as well. Consider listing with them.

5. Advertising
Advertise your website on various search engines. This will increase the awareness about your website and will also get you the much needed traffic. Many search engines provide some initial credit for promotional purposes. Surf the internet and you might get a promotional package which will allow you to advertise your website for free.

6. Contacts
You call prospective customers to your website and what if your contact page is incomplete. People like to have all the contact details, by all means of communication to get in touch with you. Instead of asking the prospective customers to fill up a form, give them your contact details in an easy to read and understand format.

7. Embassy
Inform the embassy of your country located in various countries about the launch of your website preferably by FAX, as it begets authenticity and email is treated as spam. Also inform the embassies of various countries in your contry about the launch of your website and request them to inform about your website to relevant companies. If you wish to send email to fax, SwissFax offers the best solution.

8. Chambers of Commerce & Trade Associations
Contact the chambers of commerce and trade associations world wide and inform them about the launch of your website.

If you follow the above steps, your website design will be optimized to bring more export business for your company.

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