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Since Inception, Web Design Temple has been following the practice of defining projects through simple functions and technical instructions. At the same time, we realize the importance of designing a website which will pass through all the rigours and be as easy for the user to use.

For any web designing project that we undertake, we follow a simple & easy to follow methodology so that the client is included with the designing team as a part of the team itself. We focus on creating the right websites with the right technologies which is fast to load & easier to suft by the visitors. Absolute Client satisfaction is the driving factor which motivates our web designing team. We implement the following methodology;

Sequencing of Process:
To complete a web designing contract successfully, we follow a scientific & reasonable approach which includes the following process:
Study of Client's Requirements
The first & the most important step is to know what the client actually requires. Based on the study of client;s requirement we integrate & finalize the technologies to be used and make a design plan which would guide the entire design proces here on.
Case Studies :
At Web Design Temple, India, our team of web designers after studying your requirements recommend valuable add-ons to your web site development project. They help you devising & managing your website development, maintenance & marketing strategy which has a deep impact on your bottom line.
Scope of Work
We provide with prior estimates, on the scope of work to be done by our team as well as you, whcih will help you in becoming a part of the web design team and also assist you in collecting and creating the information you need.
Web Demos
After completing the above steps, the web designing team designs a few Web Demos for you to select any of them and than the actual development of the website starts.
Collection of Information & Data
Collecting the right information & data to put on the website is a monumental task in any web designing contract. Our team follows up with the client to get the necessary information and also gets active in sourcing, developing & creating the information & data needed for the web development project.
Development in Stages
Subsequently, the most important pages of your website are developed and then the other ones are taken up for designing in order of importance. The website is developed in stages so as to minimize any errors or mistakes.
Final Delivery
After all the pages have been developed the prohect is finally delivered/uploaded. The client checks out on the following;
      The features/information originally planned to be included
      The features/information actually included.
      Simple & Usable working of the website.

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